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Some General Info about My Guided Hunts

  • Best times to hunt. From March through to end July.
  • The rut for the stags (the roar) is end March to last week in April.
  • The rut for Tahr and chamois is May June.
  • Before and after the rut are very good times to hunt. (My favorite)
  • The stags are easier to pattern therefore if you see a stag you really like and don’t get him today there’s a very good chance if he wasn’t disturbed he will be in the same area the next few days. In the rut they do tell you where they are but they are often on the move and if you see a stag you really want and we don’t get him we may never see him again.
  • March April is normally warmer weather 10c to 15c degrees
  • May June July are our winter months so typically cooler 0c to 10c degrees.
  • Hunting the Thar and Chamois is done in the alps so temps are below freezing to 10c degrees.

Transporting trophies home:

Transporting your trophies home is not a problem.

You can take your antlers home with you.

We will get 2 permits required by your country for importing skins and then ship them to you as tanned caps or as a mounted trophy.

If getting trophies mounted here in New Zealand you should expect to get them in approx 6 to 12 months.