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Sika Hunting, Wilderness Block

Free Range SIKA HUNT for 2 hunters

NZ $2850 each hunter total $5700

(includes food, accommodation, helicopter, and guide)

This hunt cost has been the same the last 5 year.

Due to an increase in the lease of the property I will now charge a $2000
trophy fee when a trophy stag is taken

I think this is fair for all hunters as not everyone gets a stag.
You can still take management stags and meat animals free of charge.

This is a fly in helicopter Sika Free Range hunt. We will fly into the back country to a basic back country hut with a shower and flush toilet.

I only do 7 hunts a year on this block giving each party a good chance of success.

This option is best suited to 2 hunters wanting a Sika.

  • Day one: drive to helicopter pad and fly into block, we will be hunting that afternoon
  • Hunt 3 full days
  • Day 5 hunt morning then fly out in the afternoon.

Trophy quality is very good, hunt success rate varies from 75 to 85% each year.

This is a wilderness hunt and a reasonable standard of fitness and expectations of taking a stag is required. I recommend 5 days for this hunt.

Bonus: Some Red Deer are present on the block and 1 Red Stag and Hind can also be taken by each hunter if desired

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Sika Hunting, Rogers Block

Free Range SIKA
This is a 4 day hunt

NZD $6,600 for a stag up to 110 Sci apx 175DS, Stags over 110 Sci $7,800

All scoring is done in Sci on upgrades.

**( Price Includes; guiding, trophy fee, food, accommodation, Price dose not include local travel, all travel is free of charge. You are welcome to travel with me at your own risk. *

Examples Sika Stags;

Under 110 SCI, 175 DS.

Under 110 SCI, 175 DS


Over 110 SCI, 175 DS


Over 110SCI, 175 DS

My trophy Free Range Sika Stag hunts are 4 days including travel time to and from the hunting block.

  • Day 1 – On the first morning of your hunt we will travel to the block mid morning.
  • We will arrive mid day approx. after a 2 hour drive. We will settle into the cottage have lunch then be hunting that afternoon.
  • On the last day of your hunt we will hunt the morning then head back to town, I will drop you off at the airport or motel.

Airport pick up and drop off and all travel is free of charge, traveling is done at your own risk.

Accommodation: A basic hut (granny flat) with power, hot shower and flush toilet. This is very basic but comfortable.

On my free range hunts you can expect to take a stag from 100 Sci [apx 160 DS] to 110 Sci [apx 175DS] with the occasional over 175DS.

If you are looking for a stag over 110 sci [apx 175 DS] you need to let me know when booking the hunt as we only take 2 to 4 stags this big on this block each year.

I have a 100% success rate on this hunt.

If you take a management stag as well as a trophy stag the cost will be from $400 up for the management stag depending on size. Price will be determined in the field when we see the stag.

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Sika Hunting, Brents Block

Fair Chase Sika hunt

NZD $6,650

(includes Trophy Fee, Food, Accomodation)
Price dose not include local travel, all travel is free of charge. You are welcome to travel with me at your own risk.

On my Fair Chase Sika Hunt you can expect to take a stag from 110 Sci [apx 175DS] to 130 sci [apx 200DS]

We are taking some exceptional sika stags with 1 or 2 stags each year being over 210 Ds
To book for one of these exceptional giants you must book early $7850 for any stag scoring over 205 Ds

All this country is in the hunting area as you can see some very this scrub

My hunting area is a mixture of native bush, manuka scrub with open clearings in the bush and scrub areas.
This is a real hunt, very challenging success rate 95% on stags 175+ stags

Mature sika stags are very smart animals and only venture out into the open when they feel relaxed, so our method of hunting is sitting and glass the open areas for long periods so that the big stags dont know we are in the areas.
We move occasionally to look at other clearings.
I have several shooting spots set up on each clearing to best suit wind direction.

A new shooting spot set up in Dec 2014 on one of Brian's favorite clearing elevated in a tree.

All this you can see is in the hunting area

Accommodation is a cabin and hut all with power hot showers etc. This is very basic but comfortable.

This hunt there is a lodge option on the property this is an extra charge. Please ask about this if your interested.

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Sika Hunting, Steve's Block

Free range SIKA HUNT
NZD $7250 for the biggest stag we can find.
This is a 3 day hunt.


We are taking some big stags 180+ type stags with the possibility of monsters having taken 190 and 200 inch sika to date.
Accommodation is in a warm and dry cabin with hot shower and flush toilet electricity but is very basic

Only booking a limited number of hunts each season so booking well in advance is necessary.