Red Stag Hunts


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Johns Block

Free Range Red Stags


NZD $6,800

(includes Trophy Fee, Food, Accomodation)

You can expect to take a stag scoring up to 300 DS.

Accommodation is in a back country hut with long drop toilet and no shower.

This property is primarily a sheep and beef farm with good deer numbers.

The deer are normally found in the bush close to the best feed.

We glass these open areas next to there bedding areas and wait until we see a stag we like and want to try for. The best time to hunt this block is March through to May.

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Brent’s Block


Fair Chase Red Stags

from NZD $5850

(includes Trophy Fee, Food and Accomodation)

Fair chase hunting you can expect to take a stag scoring over 300ds

My hunting areas are mixture of native bush manuka and big open clearings in the bush areas.

Accommodation is cabin, hut all with power hot showers etc.

The method of hunting is sit and glass the open areas moving occasionally to look

into different areas until we see the stag we want to try for.

This hunt there is a lodge option on the property this is an extra charge. Please ask about this if you’re interested.

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Other Fair Chase Hunts on Red Stags

Much larger stags can be found on some of my other hunting areas. Red Stags from 300 to 500 SCI can be found. Please inquire for a price on these very large stags.

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